Re: Fish that leave the watter and swiming foxes

From: d. hall (
Date: 03/11/96


// thus on Mon, 11 Mar 1996 15:45:02 -0700, Ben virtually scripted:

Ben> One of my builders pointed out to me today that the fish were swimming
Ben> out of the river while foxes without water walking are walking into
Ben> it.  Has anyone written code to keep water dwelling beasts in the
Ben> water and non water dwelling beasts out?

I don't think this has been mentioned (view the source) times already on
this list (view the source) when you have a question, you have to be more
specific (view the source) and try to come up partially with an answer
before just (view the source) jumping onto the list with general
questions.  A proper question would be...

	Has anyone implemented mobile flags which restrict movement

Possibly followed with...

	And I've looked at the mobile sentinel and stay_zone flags, and was
wondering if anyone has devised a good replica so I don't end up redoing
all that source.

	Otherwise... you look like [look up at the email address] a high
school student who has too much time on his hands, but not enough to
develop a good source coding technique and problem solving ethic.

	Btw: far from being a ``knee jerk flame'' it's mainly an
informative (albeit condescending) response to a commonly recurrent theme
on this list.

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