Re: Corpse Looting

From: Harvey Gilpin (
Date: 03/11/96

> You're absolutely right.  I'm a dick.  I apologize for my remarks which were
> entirely uncalled for.  I should not be trying to discourage people from asking
> questions.  


I admire the ability to apologize; it's one thing I've never been very
good at.

> By the way, what is a "knee jerk" flame?

Err, uh oh.  Called my bluff!  It's err, wait, don't tell me, 
err, one that bends at the knee?  No that can't be right.  Oh,
hang on, I've just been unreliably informed that it means 'flaming
just for the hell of it, without taking time to think about what
you are saying'.  Amazingly succinct little phrase.



"Would ya like to learn to fly?  Would ya like to see me try?"

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