Patchlevel over patchlevel problem

From: Eduardo Gutierrez de Oliveira (
Date: 03/11/96

       Hello there, please don't flame me if this is too stupid a
question, but I am baffled.

        It happenned to me when I changed from PL8 o PL9 and now when
changing to PL10, all of the players exist, but the passwords are
reported wrong!!!!, how can I prevent this, I have my old players file,
but I don't know if I had to backup something else... If I did have to I
didn't do it, but I will be aware for the next time...

        Please let me know this, I want to prevent this from happenning
in the future, and it is the second time it happens to me...

        BTW, I already tried using mudpasswd and it confirms the new
passwords, but they won't work (maybe it has something to do with the
NOCRYPT flag, which is set in the circle server but not in the utility
program, I can't use encryptation, since I am outside of the states and
it is, supposedly, non exportable). I am just about to recompile the
mudpasswd program, but I am not sure that will help me out with the

Greets and thanks in advance....


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