Ok, im trying to screw with the prompt sys

From: Jereriah Manning (jmanning@bvsd.k12.co.us)
Date: 03/11/96

Ok, I am trying to make the prompt system on my mud somewhat
better than the stock one, I have most of the code, but being
the novice programmer I am, (And for the record, I tried to
RFTM :P   ) ok if it worked correctly it would show your
hit/mana/move in words instead of numbers....such as:

HP: Hurt MG: Low MV: Tired >  
I Have written some stuff to do the percentials of hit
mana and move, that works, its just somthing that screwd up in my ifs
Would someone please tell me if this looks even REMOTLY correct

if(percentofmaxmana < 100) && (percentofmaxmana)
	sprintf(prompt, "%sMG: burning ", prompt); 
I have a feeling the problem might lie in the sprintf too
anyhelp would be appreciated...BTW  I am just editing the old
prompt stuff.  ALSO...what is the *prompt = ""; line for?
Again i hope my niaveness doesnt spam everyone with flames...

			-Gweesh, the soon to be, not so novice programmer

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