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From: Orasis (
Date: 03/12/96

Ack...this is turning into something like looks like a newsgroup with AOL 
posts all over it...Me too posts up the wazzoo and flames galore... :P  
For those of you who take everything seriously, then completely disregard 
this message, because it isn't meant to take seriously.

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On Tue, 12 Mar 1996, Kresimir Kukulj wrote:

> > Most people have long since forgotten this, but I was actually the head coder
> > at Jedi from September of 1992 until about March of 1994-- I was the one
> > who wrote the Midgaard Metrorail specproc originally.  I can release it to
> > the public if there's any interest.
> I would like a copy.
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