Compiling error

From: Graham Gilmore (
Date: 03/13/96

	I have been getting the error,

dereferencing pointer to incomplete type

	when trying to compile using a macro I wrote.  Can anyone tell me 
what this means, in something closer to english? :)  The macro looks 
something like this:

#define WIELDING(loc)     (((IS_SET((loc)->flags,LOC_PR)) && \
		(GET_OBJ_TYPE((loc)->attack_data->wielded) == ITEM_WEAPON))?\

	It's not standard circle, of course.. ;)  The variable loc is of 
the type char_loc_data* ;  here's a little info on the structures used in 
the macro.

struct loc_attack_data {
  struct obj_data* wielded;

struct char_loc_data {
  struct loc_attack_data* attack_data;

	Any help on figuring this one out would be greatly appreciated, 
it's the only error I have left to figure out before I can start finding 
the run-time errors <grin>.  
	In case you're wondering what it all means, I'm working on a 
multiple-location combat system.  Hopefully I'll be able to test it soon 
(finally! :) .

	Graham Gilmore

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