Re: Samedi's OLC under IRIX 5.3

From: Sammy (
Date: 03/13/96

On Wed, 13 Mar 1996, Mark Andrew Crichton wrote:

> Ok, does anyone out there run Circlebpl10 w/Samedi's obuild code under
> IRIX 5.3?
> I'm currently running identical source under IRIX and Linux, and the Linux
> server works perfectly, but the IRIX code dies when I play with zdoor and
> zedit create (valid zone number).

I think the problem you're having is caused by my screwed up array 
manipulation.  A lot of operating systems can handle it, but some (like 
certain 1.3.x versions of linux) aren't as kludge-tolerant :)

I'm aware of the problems with the zcommands, but I haven't had the time 
to work them out.  If you're comfortable with arrays check out the 
functions add_reset_com and delete_reset_com.

One of these days I'll be releasing some more bugfixes.


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