Re: More on OLC

From: Harvey Gilpin (
Date: 03/16/96

> The way I approached this was to add a check in the mob save routine to 
> see if the mob has any E-specific changes.  Unless you've added E-spec 
> keywords, all you need to check is whether barehand attack type is 0 (or 
> 1, can't remember), and check str, dex, wis, etc, to see if they're all 11.  
> If any of those values aren't the same as the defaults (the ones assigned 
> to simple mobs), the mob is an E type.  Then you'll have to check each 
> value individually to see which ones you need to save in the file.

That's one option I was thinking of.  Another way might be to hack the
E-mob parser to save the E-data in a list, so my OLC could use that to
write the mob back out again.  That way it wouldn't have to understand
what the commands meant, just be able to deal with them.

But it's sound too much like hard work to me :)  I think what I'll do
is implement the code for editing attack type, then if anyone wants
extra fields in the mob files, they'll havta hack my code to deal with



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