Re: pager bug

From: Michael Buselli (
Date: 03/17/96

On Sun, 17 Mar 1996, Jurko Gospodnetic wrote:

> I just discovered a slight bug in the new paging system.
> If you have a line that has 80 chars and then \r or \n or both then
> function next_page will count it as two lines.
> My fix:
> char *next_page(void)
> {

     I must have missed part of this... this was the entire message I 
just quoted that I got.

     The bug was due to the fact that I meant for the col variable to keep
track of where the NEXT character would be printed, but instead must have
changed my mind somehow in the if statement handling that and thought of
it as where the current character was going... I miss my X-windows right
now so I can't cut and paste the solution, but in the line that has the
"if (++col > NUM_COLUMNS)" change the "++col" to "col++" and I believe
things will be happy.  However, I'm not in Chicago today (spring break)
and I'm suffering horrendous lag to my accounts up there so I haven't been
able to think about it extensively.  Please tell me of any other problems
you find.

Michael Buselli

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