Should I write an editor?

From: Brian Gray (
Date: 03/19/96

  I have been tossing around the idea of writing a graphical off-line 
editor for CircleMUD, initially for Macintosh, to be ported to Win/32 
when stable.  What I had in mind was a binary-identical file format 
between platforms for my own proprietary "area" files.  These would be 
used during development, to be exported to ASCII "Circle" file batches 
when complete.  I expect a 4-6 month development cycle including a couple 
months of testing and revisions (for the initial Mac version).
  I envision a VERY professional application with optional preferences 
for varying degrees of error checking (eg. "enforce euclidean") and 
formats (eg. "disallow extended mobs"), with possibly a test walk-through 
window with a navigation-only version of Circle itself.  This promises to 
be a HUGE undertaking as I'm not accostomed to whipping out these kinds 
of things on a daily basis.  The determining factor is:  Is it a 
violation of the CircleMUD or DIKU licence to ask payment for the 
development environment?  I'm not asking if you personally would pay for 
it.  It's my job to make it worth the price.  I want to know if it is 
LEGAL.  Jeremy?

 -- Mandy, Director of The Multiplex
 -- 4747

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