Re: Quick question

From: Hades (
Date: 03/20/96

> I am pplaying around with the combat system but what i am woundering is how
> exactly does the extra effects fields on objects load in. I dont see anywhere
> in do hit where it checks to see if you have dam bonuses or hit bonuses
> what i am trying to make is a fucntion where you pass in the charcter and it 
> returns the % bonuse(slightly diffrent system) of the character. Hence all
> the combat figureings will be in one place.  HOw do i look to see if the player 
> has any special effects objects without checking each position?

The mud does it for you. When a piece of eq is equipped, it checks an objs
stats then applies it to a char. Hence, if you wield a +2 damroll sword, the
char's GET_DAMROLL is increased by 2.

So, APPLY_DAM and APPLT_HITROLL etc are all taken care of before it even
hits the combat code. It just checks GET_DAMROLL and GET_HITROLL because the
weapon applys are tacked onto the actual character.

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