Re: Objects in memory

From: Harvey Gilpin (
Date: 03/23/96

[Snippety snip snip]
> > As long as you make sure you are only modifying that
> > particular object's data, you shouldn't run into unexpected side-effects.
> > I don't happen to remember what things in particular are stored for all objects
> > in the prototype.
> Accoridng to the obj data structure in circle 2.2 at least....which is
> similar to 3.0, All the strings associated with objs can not be modoifed
> without modifying the prototype obj. You can however modify an objs
> flags or stats without modifying the prototype.

The strings associated to an object only POINT to those held in the
prototype, so you can point them elsewhere if you want.  The change
will only last for that reboot, but that may be all you need (for

Remember not to free the strings you replace though.  Freeing
prototype strings gets real messy. 


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