sorry about the array of questions today

From: Ben Leibig (
Date: 03/24/96

Ok heres what i am trying to do.  I want ot make it so that any class can prac
ANY skill.  The diffrence is that

warriors pay 1 prac for warrior skills
2 for thief
3 for cleric
4 for mage

mages pay 1 for mage
2 for cleric 
3 for thief
4 for warrior

clerics pay
1 cleric
2 mage
3 warrior
4 thief

1 thief, 2 warrior, 3 mage, 4 cleric

Anyway the problem is right now the spec_procs has it setup so that you can only
only prac skills you know.  WHen i looked at  it there was a command spell_info
that i could NOT find where it was initalized.  IT seems like a command that
just exists.  So first question is where is spell_info initalized
second is any ideas on an easy way to do this.  I am tryin hard to get code out
but its goin slow.. Any sugestions.
the other question is after this i want certen guild masters to teach certen 
skills IE the cleric guildmaster in one town only teaches certen cleric skills.
anyone have code for that.  I also wanna make it so certen guildmasters only
teach certen skills so far.  IE the cleric guildmaster can only teach you 
heal to 20 in one town hence you have to go to another one if you want it
higher.  What i think would be involved is making a GUILDMASTER file which
would have a mob number then the skills and %'s.  Any hints on how to do that

IF you can help please lemme know.. Thanks

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