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From: Ground Zero Enterprises (
Date: 03/25/96

Couldnt you just limit the amount of messages sent to the builder/editor 
to 10 or so, and only certain kind of messages?  I could just have 
it so all things are ignored but from what i do know it wouldnt be that hard 
to  implement this feature.  Or if people did or didnt want it i could 
have it player configurable for each individual with a set maximum not 
greater than a certain number so too much resources are used up (if it 
wouldnt use much resources please dont flame me for being stupid, i just 
assume it would start taking up a lot of memory if there was alot of 
messages). I also want to know if it would be possible to create similar 
ques for global channels, ie a player could type "remember gossip 10" and 
see the last 10 gossips.  I assume doing this for tells would take up a 
lot of memory, even if i only kept track of the last ten i would have to 
do so for each seperate player.  Well if anyone can tell me the best way 
i could go about doing this i would be very appreciative.  Trying to talk 
me out of it probably wont work :)


On Mon, 25 Mar 1996, JRhone wrote:

> On Mon, 25 Mar 1996, Zero wrote:
> > I dont know if the original sender of the message about queing wether 
> > events was thinking about this also but it would be helpful to que 
> > things like tells or gossips when they are editing or something.  I 
> > have been on a mud that had implemented this but i am not quite sure how 
> > to dd it in, any suggestions? 
> well, in our OLC system, and any menu intense system like it, when the 
> builder is in the building process for 5 or 10 minutes at a time, usually
> slightly longer per room/mob/obj, building his/her life away, the tells
> and what not simply dont get sent to em, tells the teller, "they building,
> call back later", Qing tells would be an enormous amount of spam if the 
> builder was in the menu for any amount of time... and then comes out of
> it to receive the Q, ready scrollback key boys, cause here it comes
> heh, i just put a flag on a builder while he/she building, show it in 
> who list, politely refuse tells, etc.. seems to work ok
> jtrhone
> aka
> vall
> RoA
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