From: Adam Days (
Date: 03/26/96

	 I was wondering if people could send me instructions on a couple 
of things.  I am trying to add races to a circle pl10 and I was wondering 
how exactly to go about it what would I need to add and where, would I 
need to make a race.c like class.c?  Also I was wondering about dual 
wielding on weapons (i.e. wielding and fighting with weapons in both 
hands).  Coul anyone help me out on that?  What would I need to add.  I'm 
fairly new at this and could use step by step instructions.  I really 
need a complete coding doc for pl10 that has how to add features such as 
	Clan functions are also things I want to add.  How do I add clans?

So heres what I need help on:

How do I add races?
How do I implement a dual wield?
How do I make clans?

I would be utterly grateful for any help thanks :-)

UnHoly Lands 4000

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