Bug & Question

From: Macabre (lobo@iac.net)
Date: 03/26/96

I've been running CircleMUD v3.10 which is Great but I have noticed that
the 'look in bottle' or 'look in bag' commands don't work.  I'm not sure
but I think that they used to in version 2.  I'm fairly new to running
CircleMUD about a month now, but I've done other LP style muds but they
are actually fairly different.  I created another class and put all
the constants in utils.c and structs.h (IS_<CLASS>, etc) to my guy and
everything works except the practice commands shows the list as being
a ton of !UNUSED! and on the 7th page (out of 10) are the rest of the
spells for everyone.  Have you ever had this problem?  If so could you
tell me what I did wrong or what I need to do to fix it.  Oh, and I
also set the NUM_CLASSES constant to the correct number of classes.
Oh, well just wanted to tell you about the bug and ask for some help.
I love the MUD you made, it kicks ass.

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