From: Graham Gilmore (
Date: 03/26/96

On Wed, 27 Mar 1996, Rasmus Rxnlev wrote:

> On Tue, 26 Mar 1996, Todd Kegley wrote:
> [Code part snipped]
> > I'm sure there's probably a minor problem in there somewhere, as I'm 
> > writing from memory.  The other thing you need to do is write holdhit.
> > The easy way to do this is get into fight.c and mimic the code for hit.
> > Unless things have been moved around lately it should be right before 
> > perform_violence near the end of the file.
> > 
> Well, as this looks similar to the way I implemented I thought I'd just 
> solve all your headaches by saying.. you allso need to modify the holdhit 
> procedure if you simply copy the existing one (hit), as the hit() 
> routines checks for an ITEM_WIELD or soemthing like that.. (key point is, 
> if item is wielded) In your case you need to check for a item thats HELD 
> so, just watch out for that, and I think the rest is quite simple as 
> allready stated.

	As I suggested to whoever it was who asked the question in the 
first place, you could simply switch the wielded and held weapons on the 
character, and call hit() again.  This is how I saw it done in a SillyMUD 
derivative, and it's quite a simple method, though something of a hack ;)

	Graham Gilmore

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