Re: Beating a machine reboot

From: Brian Christopher Guilbault (
Date: 03/28/96

On Thu, 28 Mar 1996, Daniel C. Cotey wrote:

> 	That requires root access, and runs the programs as root. I think 
> a mud running as root would scare just about any sys-admin.

Heheheh.  A little advice: NEVER run the game as root. The owner of our 
MUD happens to work for our provider which is extremely handy except 
that he often forgets that he is root. If you run the game as root, all 
of the players who enter the game will have their object files owned by 
root. You can probably see why this is bad. If you later run the game as 
your normal user, that user owns the process instead of root and those 
players who were on previously can't have their obj files loaded since 
your process owner (now mud or whatever) can't read the files owned by 
root. It's easy enough to fix (chmod -R <username> *) but causes all 
sorts of problems until it is fixed.

Just a little wisdom from someone who learned the hard way :-)

   -Dante of QuarantineMUD

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