Re: Beating a machine reboot

From: Jaco van Iterson (J.C.vanIterson@ET.TUDelft.NL)
Date: 03/29/96

On Thu, 28 Mar 1996, Daniel C. Cotey wrote:

>    my mud is run on a friends linux box that reboots alot (always have 
> the latest linux though :) so I wrote this little cron script to restart 
> autorun after the reboot.  It seems to work, but leaves a zombie process 
> lying around. If anyone could tell me how to get rid of the zombie I'd 
> appeciate it.
> 							Daniel
> -------CUT HERE----------

The crontab I use is:
30 * * * * if [ -z "`ps -u <username> | grep autorun`" ] && [ -z "`ps -u <username> | grep circle`" ]; then cd <mud directory>; ./autorun& fi

No script is needed

I hope this works for your OS too (maybe you need other options with ps).
don't forget to change the <xxx> things to what you need it to be.


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