Re: Suggestion for pl11

From: Tel Janin Aellinsar (icarus@Loomis.Berkshire.NET)
Date: 03/30/96

On Sat, 30 Mar 1996, Jurko Gospodnetic wrote:

> Here's a small suggestion for altering the spell system...
> add another parameter to the ASPELL calls - arg (text you wrote in after the
> spell name). That way you can implement spells that require some other sort
> of data except possible target (char or object), for example:
> > cast 'illusion' A small illusion is following Drizzt here.

It might be interesting to allow you to create illusions of NPC's, PC's, 
and so on.  Sort of like cloning, but have the illusion cause no damage 
and vanish after a hit or something.  So you could do:

cast 'illusion' guard

if you want to create an illusion of the guard.  Thus, you could also 
create an illusion of a sword, or armor, to make yourself be more 
impressive...  though you would have to take off your real armor first.  
This would be really worthwhile, if you can pull it off.  The problem is 
that "guard" probably applies to at least 5 different NPC's in the game, 
and so you might have to narrow it by area, or display a list of guards
and short descriptions when the spell fails.  Thus, a standard illusion 
spell sequence might look like this:

> cast 'illusion' guard 
Which guard?

1: There is a bulky castle guard here.
2: One of the sultan's guards stands about, looking menacing.
3: The goblin guards his king.

> cast 'illusion' guard 2

> look
One of the sultan's guards stands about, looking menacting.

> kill guard
You strike at the guard, but your sword passes through harmlessly!
The illusion dissipates.


For fun, you could have the strength of an illusion be determined by a 
player's skill at that spell, so an illusion could last for two or three 
hits.  This would require the addition of a new field to the structs, I 
suspect, as well as a new flag (PC_ILLUSION, for example).

> get the idea?
> or spells that would do stuff like teleport to a room selected by typing 
> a number after the spell name...
> > cast 'rift' 61724

It might actually be better to try to create unique short room 
descriptions and teleport via that...  or, to reduce the risk of that, 
cast a 'marker' spell at a room you want to teleport to (i.e., go to the 
room, cast 'marker', then at a different room cast 'rift' <marker-no>).  
The only reason I suggest this is because it's sometimes a pain to come 
up with the room vnums, and it's even worse to write down massive numbers 
by hand along with a short description.  It might be possible for the 
game to do this for you.

> Ok, hope this helps.... (its actually 5 minutes work to add, if that much :-))

Of course, we're looking at 15 minutes' work, now.

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