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From: Tel Janin Aellinsar (icarus@Loomis.Berkshire.NET)
Date: 03/30/96

On Sat, 30 Mar 1996, Ben Leibig wrote:

> Ok heres what i want.  I want to define within each guild master weather
> they teach a certen skill and if so how high they teach it.  This requires
> players to move around the mud in order to get skills high.  BUt yet you
> can give em a sample in the main town.  What i fgured would be needed
> would be a file, much like shop files that reads like:

You might want to add another flag.  Of course, if you've already got 32, 
it could be a problem.  Or, if you really wanted to get complex, you 
could have masters be able to teach skills depending on the completion of 
quests.  For example, if someone tried to learn a certain skill, the 
master would suggest going on quest x.  Once the player had completed the 
quest, the master would be willing to teach new skills.

However, it does force quests on your users.  I don't think this will be 
a problem, though, and it'll simplify matters.  (For example, it's just 
stupid to make a user quest across the galaxy to get another skill after 
getting a single dinky level.)  This way you'll be able to have a user 
learn stuff about that skill up to a certain level following the quest, 
which would save on travel time after a while.  Plus, I think a quest is 
more of what you're looking for here:  do you want your users to walk a 
lot, or play the game a lot?

It should be obvious which I prefer. :)  However, this would take a *big* 
change, so you may not be willing to institute it.

Of course, I'm also of the mind that most classes/guilds should be 
player-based, which would be a real pain.  So going on different quests 
wouldn't determine an exclusive class which you can only choose one of, 
but the type of quest you want to go on would determine the sort of 
character you want to have.  This way you could balance out a mage and a 
fighter.  So if you ever do institute a system like the above about 
guildmasters, I'd be very interested in obtaining it, since that'd be a 
big step towards what I want.

> #<masternumber>
> Name of guildmaster~
> <Class of whoms skill he teaches>
> <skill#> <%>
> <skill#> <%>
> -1 to end list of skills

This is certainly more versatile than my crappy flag suggestion.  It's a 
good idea.  I'm assuming that this a separate file, and not an addition?  
(a separate file makes it easier to 'port' from one style to another.)

> anyone imped anything like that?  I haven't even looked into file stuff so
> also anyone have any advice?

I don't know the code intimately enough to offer specific advice.  I hope 
the above will help you somehow.  From what I've seen, though, it should 
be pretty easy - just cut and paste from the other configfile sections, 
making changes where needed.  Won't teach you a thing about how the code 
works, but it's faster.

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