From: Burkhard Knopf (
Date: 03/31/96

>>>>> "Blake" == Blake Weaver (BSS-Summer Intern) <> writes:

 Blake> I just patched the autoequ.patch on my mud.  I have an old mud
 Blake> to which I did the same thing.  On the old mud (both are same
 Blake> bpl9) the patch worked..compiled fine...while on the new mud I
 Blake> am getting problems in objsave.c

 Blake> gcc -c -g -O -Wall  objsave.c
 Blake> objsave.c: In function `Obj_from_store_to':
 Blake> objsave.c:50: structure has no member named `locate'

Looks like you for some reason forgot to change the struct
obj_file_elem in structs.h (which is included in objsave.c).

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