I might have

From: Steve (quickey@cyberverse.com)
Date: 04/01/96

mentioned this before, but i was wondering if anybody had any idea 
where/how this error could be coming from. it doesn't happen every time, 
and it happens sometimes while working in OLC, casting spells (which use 
my event system), or (previously) while doing AutoAuctioning

--- gdb clip :) ---
(gdb) where
#0  0x60019270 in end ()
#1  0x1 in ?? ()
#2  0x60009cb2 in end ()
#3  0x72758 in __gnu_calloc (__nmemb=1, __n=332) at /usr/include/stdlib.h:217
#4  0x7214c in add_efun (action=5, timer=10, iarg=68, carg=0x0,
    ch_actor=0x1d2a00, obj_actor=0x0, targ=0x1d2c00, obj=0x0) at efun.c:81
#5  0xb1a36 in efun_call_magic (caster=0x1d2a00, cvict=0x1d2c00, ovict=0x0,
    spellnum=68, level=56, casttype=0) at spell_parser.c:751
#6  0xb0e77 in cast_spell (ch=0x1d2a00, tch=0x1d2c00, tobj=0x0, spellnum=68)
    at spell_parser.c:598
#7  0xb1805 in do_cast (ch=0x1d2a00, argument=0xbffff8ac " ", cmd=40, subcmd=0)
    at spell_parser.c:734
#8  0x813ef in command_interpreter (ch=0x1d2a00, argument=0xbffff8a8 "cast ")
    at interpreter.c:707
#9  0x595e9 in game_loop (mother_desc=3) at comm.c:533
#10 0x586b6 in init_game (port=4000) at comm.c:222
#11 0x585b4 in main (argc=3, argv=0xbffffc6c) at comm.c:193

(I did write an event system, which i think is the cause of the problem,
but gdb points the finger at gnu_calloc(), so i took a look back at like
81 in efun.c which is:

    CREATE(efun, struct event_data, 1);

which is a MACRO for calloc(), i'm not really sure what to do...

Any help is some help,

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