Re: DikuEdit 1.0pl4

From: Ole Gjerde (
Date: 04/07/96

On Sun, 7 Apr 1996, Chris A. Epler wrote:

> Does anyone have a copy of the latest DikuEd?  I've managed to track down 
> the site that it's supposed to be on but it's unreachable...
> DikuEd V1.0pl4 is now available via anonymous ftp on:
> in /pub/mud/dikued/

I don't think dikued's been worked on for a long time, and that version 
has a bunch of bugs.
I've fixed the ones I could find, and made a couple of cosmetic changes:
* Room description is not indented (looked very messed up before)
* redit works without a argument (redit current room)

And there are no compiler warning with -Wall on both Linux and Solaris/SunOS.
It can be found at:

At least it works great for me now.  But I take no responsability for any 
damage to any data or computers.

Ole Gjerde
Studying Computer Science at North Dakota State University
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