Re: ansi codes

From: Tel Janin Aellinsar (icarus@Loomis.Berkshire.NET)
Date: 04/08/96

Don't forget the awful ANSI force-video-mode-switch codes:  ESC[=Psh
(Ps is the variable, 'h' is the trailer, '=' is supposed to be there.)

	0	40x25 mono text
	1	40x25 color text
	2	80x25 mono text
	3	80x25 color text
	4	320x200 4-color graph
	5	320x200 mono graph
	6	640x200 mono graph
	7	"enables line wrapping"
	13	320x200 color graph
	14	640x200 16-color
	15	640x350 mono
	16	640x350 16-color
	17	640x480 mono
	18	640x480 16-color
	19	320x200 256-color

	(Ps is again, the variable.)
	Resets the mode by using the same values that Set Mode uses,
	except for 7, which disables line wrapping.  The last character in
	this escape sequence is a lowercase L.

	(code and string are variables.)
	Redefines a keyboard key to a specified string.  "Code"
	represents keyboard keys and key combinations.  "String" is either
	the ASCII code for a single character or a string contained in
	quotation marks.  For example, both 64 and "A" can be used to
	represent an uppercase A.

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