Too many open files(filedescriptors) on SunOS

From: Rasmus R\xnlev (
Date: 04/09/96

Sorry, this is a repost of the previous message, which either my own 
mailserver, or the listserver crippled with some yet unknown scheme :*-]


I posted a message a little week ago wich was a little messed up in my head
I've used the past days to investigate the problem and this is a little 
description of it, in the hope that some UNIX-guru is going to tell me 
that I'm lame and all that, and that I've missed the obvious solution. :)

I've made a little piece of code that uses sysconf() wich gives me a 
result like this:

max_open_streams = 64
max_open_files = 64

The problem arrises when I look up the FOPEN_MAX definition.. *sulk*
FOPEN_MAX (AND OPEN_MAX) are both 20 ...

This means that when I run CircleMUD it does only support arround 17 
users or so, as I've added an imm help file and some other stuff I want 
to keep open while the mud is running.
If I pass the 20 files open (i.e. reach it actually), i get an TOO MANY 
FILES OPEN error on all systemcalls... though when using the syscon() 
call it tells me I SHOULD be able to have 64 files open.

Is there any way for me (with no root/superuser access), to pass the 
FOPEN_MAX number, and instead use the 64 possible open files as stated in 
the sysconf call ?

Another question I have is the following:

I Put the mud u and running, and suddenly after a reset it smacked down
from beeing able to handle the 17 users, to only handle 8-9 ones... 
Then after the latest reboot it's down to ONLY THREE (only 1 char can 
enter without getting obj-file errors, due to the mentioned problems).. 
people that can enter the mud..

Anyone have any explanation for this ? I didn't change any code connected 
to descriptors or filehandling... It's just acting spooky on me..

OS Information:
  SunOS 5.5  (On a Sparc something .-)
  It's UNIX(r) version V Release 4.0
  Lots of Ram and HD quota.
  It's a commercial site, but uhm.. They don't seem to know what the 
  damn problem is, so I thought I'd turn to the god ol' mailinglist.

Any bits and/or bytes with sugestions/ideas/flames/gifts or similar stuff 
to help me get this problem STOMPED is greatly appreciated, as it's a 
total Fu*******up, only beeing able to have 1 char on a mud.. *grin*


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