Quick question

From: Simran Kumar (ace@apk.net)
Date: 04/12/96

Hello everyone...

It's been a LONG time since I've been subscribed to this list, and
an even longer time since I've worked on my mud (AbsolutMUD).

Anyway...I'ev been experiencing two problmes....

Firstm ,background:
	Running Circle 2.11 (with some changes, of course) on Linux 1.2.1

The two problems:
	1) If someone does a "wear <item> <body part>"  where item is
		is an object and body part is a NON-DEFINED part (like
		thumb), the MUD instantly crashes.

			We added a couple of new EQ positions (about legs,
			2 pinkies, 2 ear).  No problems with normal
			wearing (wear all, wear shirt, etc)

	2)  If some one tries to do "get all.<item> 2.<containter> the MUD
		crashes.  No modifications to get have been made.

I figure I could probably just add a line of code to ignore the second
argument for the wear problem.  I don't really think anyone would notice
(I don't really think the code should ever need to accept 2 args for it).

Any suggestions?

Simran "Ace" Kumar				Internet Consulting

ace@apk.net					WWW Publishing

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