Equipment problem again!
Date: 04/13/96

Ok, in response to several people's posts, I've modified the equipment removal
and deletion function, but I still get core dumps whenever I execute it. 
Here's the code I have now:

  /* Remove & delete all objects and equipment */
  for (i=0; i < NUM_WEARS; i++)
    if (GET_EQ(ch, i)) obj_from_char(unequip_char(ch, i));

  for (obj = ch->carrying; obj; obj = next) {
    next = obj->next;

I traced the problem to the REMOVE_FROM_QUEUE function, which is called from
within the obj_from_char function.  The value of the obj pointer is not null, 
so I am very confused.  Any ideas?
			Wyatt Bode

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