From: Hades (tourach@cyber1.servtech.com)
Date: 04/14/96

This is driving me absolutely bonkers!!!! This is my olc code to add the new
object to the obj_protos linked list:

          struct obj_data *new_obj;

          CREATE(new_obj, struct obj_data, 1);
          *new_obj = *(d->edit_obj);
          new_obj->name = str_dup(d->edit_obj->name);
          new_obj->short_description = str_dup(d->edit_obj->short_description);
          new_obj->description = str_dup(d->edit_obj->description);
          new_obj->action_description = str_dup(d->edit_obj->action_description
          new_obj->item_number = d->edit_obj->item_number;
          new_obj->next = NULL;
          new_obj->next_proto = obj_protos;
          obj_protos = new_obj;

Looks ok, right?

Well lateron, after it saves the objs to disk, the frigging object gets
completely  trashed. When I mudlog the obj's item_number, it changes from
the assigned number to something completley random, and it's not being
freed. It keeps the string data I give it, it just completely wacks out on
me. ANy ideas why it would just change?

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