Wierd Core dump

From: Sean P. Mountcastle (mountcas@scratchy.ee.cua.edu)
Date: 04/15/96

	Can someone plz let me know what the gdb means when it gives me 
the message:

#0  0x6001489e in _end ()
#1  0x15c820 in buf ()
#2  0x77d000 in _end ()
#3  0x535604ec in _end ()
Cannot access memory at address 0x83e58955.
(gdb) quit

	I think the game tried to access invalid memory, and got a 
segmentation violation, but this seems to be happening quite often.  Any 
ideas what can be causing this?  Over-flowing a string?

	Thanks in advance,

	- Sean

Sean Mountcastle
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