Re: Aggressive mobs and pulse_violence

From: Hades (
Date: 04/15/96

> How can I eliminate the amount of time between when a player enters a 
> room and when an aggressive mob attacks? Right now, players can enter a 
> room with a high level aggressive mob, look around, look at the mob, play 
> parchesi and get away before the mob attacks.

In perform move, have it check for aggro mobs in the room.


for(mob = ch->in_room; mob; mob = mob->next_in_room) /* I dunno wtf the
  if(MOB_FLAGGED(mob, MOB_AGGRESSIVE))			actual next pointer
    break;						is called */

if(mob && !FIGHTING(mob)) /* We dont want a fignting mob to hit someone else
  do_hit(mob, ch, TYPE_UNDEFINED);

Now this is amazingly basic, all it will reayy do it make the first aggro
mob in the room hit the first person to enter the room, but it will at least
slow down the group so the other aggro mobs have a chance to respond.

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