Re: An olc question^M

From: Remko Wiersma (
Date: 04/16/96

> Ok, when the olc saves the file (I use iedit/redit) it leaves those damn
> annoying M's at the end of any line with a CR in it. ANyone know a way to
> take those damn things out? Or a function they made to lose the CR's?
> Hades

I know what you mean, and this is my solution. If I'm not mistaking 
there is a small error in it that when the first line of the string 
passed to the function is empty (that is '\r\n') is doesn't change 
the first '\r\n', that's all. Probably just change the place of the 
++ and it'll work fine...

char * remove_cm (char *arg)
  char *counter = arg;

  if (!arg)
    return NULL;
  sprintf (buf, "%c", *arg);

  while (*(++counter))
    if (*counter != '\r')
      sprintf (buf, "%s%c", buf, *counter);

  return buf;

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