Oasis: medit 'puff' bug

From: Harvey Gilpin (rv@twylite.demon.co.uk)
Date: 04/16/96

The award for coolest bug report so far goes to Brad Johnson, for
spotting this amusing little number:

If you medit 1 (Good ole Puff herself), when you next reboot, the
player with ID 1, i.e. the IMPL will have thier entry in the
playerfile replaced by Puff's strings and hence will be unable to

After I had finished laughing about this, I got my act together and
fixed the bug:

In medit.c, medit_save_internally() change:

  if(GET_MOB_RNUM(live_mob) == mob_num)


  if(IS_MOB(live_mob) && (GET_MOB_RNUM(live_mob) == mob_num))



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