OS/2 Port of Patch 11

From: David A. Carver (DCARVER@cougar.colstate.cc.oh.us)
Date: 04/17/96

Okay, I've uploaded into the incoming directroy at Cambot, the latest 
changes for the OS/2 port of patch level 11.  There were really no code 
changes, and only a minor change to Conf.h.  I've included a version of my 
Makefile that does compile the mud cleanly under OS/2.

The file also contains an updated version of the OS/2 Readme file.  I can 
not stress enough that you make sure you have EMX09b and the versions of 
BSD and GCC that come with that version of the EMX runtime system.  As 
previous versions of EMX and GCC did not include some files that CircleMUD 
needs to compile cleanly.

Dave Carver
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