Re: Another argh in structs.h

From: Jeremy Elson (
Date: 04/18/96

> > To Hades:
> > something before the typedef?  we really would need to see at least SOME of
> > the code. 

> What my question was, which everyone seems to ignore, is I asked what COULD
> be causing a syntax error? What's before that line? A veriatable shitload of
> #defines. That's it. I wanted to know some possible causes of a syntax error
> when compiling so I knew what to look for, and that is what I asked, now
> "Hey why is it doing this." I've been coding this mud over a year and it's
> so modified out the ass that I cant even patch in code pieces posted on
> cambot. I know what I am doing and would not ask such an innane question to
> the list.

Chances are either that the macro right before the typedef has a missing
or extra (, ), or ;, (that is why people are flaming - because it's silly
to try to debug this problem without posting a code segment!!), or if you've
recently changed machines, this problem can be caused if you're trying to
compile the code with a non-ANSI C compiler such as Sun's cc.


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