Re: Coredump question

From: Andrew Patzwald (
Date: 04/19/96

> > > 	We just upgraded our system to Linux 1.2.13 and now whenever the
> > > mud dumps a corefile, if coredumpsize is unlimited we get a 330+ MB core,

Core dumps can be very funny and play wierd mind games with you...
I had once what appered to be a 1.2 GIG (no joke) core dump.  However,
if this were true, my quota would have been pegged before even 1/10th of
the core file could be written.  What is actually going on, is that core
dumps usually contain a lot of NULLs (0's).  Instead of writing a million
zeros to disk, the file has some wierd deal in it that just says, from 
this point to this point, there are a million zeros...  
So, core files are in actuallity quite small by comparision (like around 
10-100k or so).

Just thought i'd share.... :)


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