Re: More questions.. (geez:P)

From: Hades (
Date: 04/21/96

>     send_to_char("You have to fight for a slay.\n\r",ch);

>   send_to_char("You rotate your weapon over your head, slaying all the bad things in here !\n\r",ch);
>   act("Wow !!!! $n rotates $s weapon over $s head.",FALSE,ch,0,0,TO_ROOM);

> 	act("$n misses $N with the slay.",FALSE,ch,0,i,TO_ROOM);
> 	act("$n misses you with the slay.",FALSE,ch,0,i,TO_VICT);
> 	act("$N suffers from your slay.",FALSE,ch,0,i,TO_CHAR);
> 	act("$N suffers from the slay.",FALSE,ch,0,i,TO_ROOM);
> 	act("You suffer from $n's slay.",FALSE,ch,0,i,TO_VICT);

Not to be rude or flame, but the engligh in those lines ia just horrible...
You rotate your weapon, slaying all the abd things in the room? It sounds
like a tweisted childrens book.

And slaying is the act of killing something. Unless this skill actually
KILLS everything it hits, slay is a pretty absurd name for the skill.

SOrry to flame, but bad english really bugs me. Bobn suffers from your slay?
Whatever... :)

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