that bloody containers bug

From: Michael K. Lee (
Date: 04/24/96

is still there.
I checked patch 11
and it exists...
try loading 3 bags, and hold one of em

look in 1.bag
that will show you what is inside the one that you are holding
(which should not be the case)

if you look in 2.bag, it gives you what is inside the 3rd bag.
(btw, i put 1 potion in 1.bag, 2 potions in 2.bag, and 3.potions 
in 3.bag before holding the bag, so that I can identify them easily)

if you look 3.bag, it doesn't exist.

anyone getting these messages???
this is the 4th time i sent this,
and I haven't seen any postings...

am i going crazy?

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