Circle11 on Win95 (fwd)

From: Joe DeDapper (
Date: 04/25/96

> Hello,
> To add to my last message. I dont think I gave enough detail...
> I am running the new circle 11 on a win95 machine via 10mg cable connection.
> The problem is that the players cant save their equipment. Rent is FREE
> right now but I have already heard from someone that they have tried (on
> winNT) both FREE rent and $ rent it neither of the changes let the players
> save their equipment. When they quit out, it just drops to the ground.
> I guess I will have to start again with a fresh zip of the original to see
> if anything was done incorrectly but I believe it was compiled right.
> Ugha...Any help would be great!

   I'd check and make sure the directories...

  All exist, if they don't the MUD won't know where to save the 
  equipment files to...  At least that's what 
  experianced, and I'm not sure if Win94 will extract empty  
  directories or not...


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