Envy 2.0 Anyone know where the Mailing list is if any?

From: Draco Paladine (vistex@prysm.net)
Date: 04/26/96

Well, the title says just about everything!

Anyone know where Envy 1.0 and 2.0 mailing lists might be at??
It's a derivitive of Merc.

Please forward all info you can.
I'm running both Circle 3.0pl10 and Envy 2.0 on SW Linux 1.3.20 kernel.
486DX2-66-S CPU 16Mb RAM 1 Gig EIDE-HD and Trident 2Mb 9400CXi SVGA
Accel video card w/ X-Windows.

Please help.

also anyone that might know how I can get my Tri9400CXi SVGA Video Card
to get 1280x1024 256colors.

Is there a mailinglist out ther efor me too??
Please help with Trident.

Draco Paladine

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