Re: Mob question

From: Graham Gilmore (
Date: 04/26/96

On Fri, 26 Apr 1996, Skylar wrote:

> First off, have you made it so mobs have a place to store skills?
> In the E mobs, just add Skill: <skillnumber> <howmuch> and they
> have skills...
> example:
> Skill: 134 50

	I did something very similar to this, but I added 3 slots to 
npc_specials for skills.  I figured most mobs could be nicely improved 
having a couple skills, but by far most would not have more than that.  
Then I changed the GET_SKILL() macro so that it would look in the 
appropriate place for skills, depending on whether ch was a player or a mob.

	Graham Gilmore

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