Re: Linux installation help!

From: Sammy (
Date: 04/30/96

On Tue, 30 Apr 1996, ShadowLord wrote:

> On Tue, 30 Apr 1996, Michael Buselli wrote:
> > On Tue, 30 Apr 1996 BUBONIC@CERES.BSUVC.BSU.EDU wrote:
> > 
> >      A, AP, D, and N should be enough to run circle.  Which header files
> > in particular were you missing?  Q only has a whole bunch of precompiled
> > kernels, which does nothing to help you.  The K set does have some header
> > files, but not any that are used by circle.  Please give some more detail
> > of your problem, perhaps a transcript of your attempted compile.
> 	Ehm, correct me if I'm wrong, but the header files in "K" are used
> for a lot of programs, including Circle.  I though "K" was the Kernal
> Sources!  Heh.

Actually you don't need the K set at all.  The D set should have enough 
kernel source to put the header files in, since they're needed for most 
development work.  The D disks break down the kernel source into 3 parts 
if I remember correctly, and if you read the noted when installing the 
packages, it let's you know which part is required for header file 
installation, or two parts if I'm not mistaken.


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