Ex-implementor looking for job :)

From: Marco Spolaore (gemini@maya.dei.unipd.it)
Date: 05/03/96

Hi, i have been an implementor long time ago.
I actually can't set up a circle-MUD running on the internet, but i have a 
lot of spare time to waste. I programmed some spec_procs (ie. special 
procedures) for mobs and i'd love to test them on crowded muds.
I'm from Italy, i'd like to find a European mud where to test them,
possibly in Italy or close to it.

So, if you don't mind to recompile the bin/circle bounches of times :)
and you don't mind having one more Implementor/Greater God hanging around
in your mud and you want to improve/enhance the marvellous program you are
running then write to me, please.


Spolaore Marco

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