Is my mail gettng through?

From: Jesper Martin Donnis (
Date: 05/06/96

Just wondering if this mail got lost in the void or if it was to boring
to answer...

       Newbie questions.. 
       Thu, 02 May 1996 12:48:06 +0200 
       Jesper Martin Donnis <>

Hi Everybody..

I have a few newbie questions I hope someone will be able to help me

 I would like to make some equipment that changes the players AFF flags,
something like a
hat of invisibility - that will make the player invis when he wears it
or a
Winged Helmet - that will make the player fly when he wears it.

If someone would tell me how to go about that It'd B gr8ly appreciated..

Sceondly I was thinking if someone would be interested in making a
series of HOW-TO text files for CircleMUD, short text files explaining
what files you need to look in to do what and hints on the coding.
I am imagining this as as a possibility for newbies to get some help
implementing stuff without having to bug the list with questions like
mine.. ;)

I have written a short file on how to add a new class, and will put it
on cambot ASAP..

I have also written a new command that lets players set their loadroom
to any room with the !MOB flag.. I will post it if anyone is

Thanks in advance..
                Jesper <>

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