From: Chris Anderson (
Date: 05/06/96


I am looking for all the above, for myself.

I am currently searching for a ste, and have lines on a couple of places 
that may work out.

However, I am getting other things ready cause I am going to need people 
working on things.

        Basically, it is a stock-out-of the box BPL11 Circle mud, right now. 
 However, I am starting to modify certain areas and aspects, and, basically 
starting to change the over all 'feel' of the mud.  

        I would like to introduce some more 'interactive' areas, and mobs.

Such as horses, jails, laws, and "helpers'.

        If you are interested in even working part-time, I would be 
appreciative of the help.

If interested please reply to me..

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