Re: Installing Item and Level Limits (question)

From: Frag (
Date: 05/07/96

By using the the "number method" in the objfiles does allow freedom to restric
eq fro ne lv, however eq restrictions should I believe be "general", ie .. lv
25 might not be bale to wear certain eq, and then above lv 25 its all for grabs.Why clutter objfiles with rubbish.. when the affect is the same, easier, faster

Eq restrictions are very harsh on players, in all my experiences they (players)
no restrictions whatsoever.  You have to really consider why you want to 
restrict eq, weather to stop high lvs helping low lvs, or just make mud harder.

For the latter it is better to make eq sensitive to int,dex etc...
And You can NEVER stop higher lvs helping lower levels.. if u do
you just manage to destroy the meaning of MUD, and really should make it a one 
player game...

Frag the GoD of VB!!

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