double attack

From: Marcelo Valle Moreira (
Date: 05/08/96

I'm trying to allow magic user to cas an alarm spell that sets the flag AFF_ALARM on them.
Well, this part is working =o) but how can I allow them to receive the messages of things that are happening in the room even if they have the POS_SLEEPING flag?
Another problem of my mine is to code a combo skill, and a second/third/fourth attack, what allow the warrior to hit/slash/crush.. more that once per round.
In fact my my C coding has an AFF_BLIND flag =o) so I can't really see where to make a loop for the combo skill.
the second/third attack is gonna be activate by the flags AFF_SECOND... that will be set just when the warrior is learned.
Okay, call me newbie I don't mind(My C is kinda poor =o) Can anyone help me?

I'm posting(in the next mail) a change I did in do_follow cause in my mud Vamps and wolves can't belong to the same group. if you think it's useful copy&paste if you think that's a better way of doing this reply the mail =o)
ah! and has anyone coded the scan skill? 

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