Re: BSD systems may have this problem with intermud: (fwd)

From: Chris Austin (
Date: 05/08/96

>Chaotic wrote:
> On Wed, 8 May 1996, Michael Scott mumbled:
> [stuff about 'discon'/'connect' deleted]
> >       So to solve this problem, I had to re-write a personal version
> > of strtok command which would return what it was supposed to, (named
> > str_tok) and then rename all the function calls through out intermud.c
> > and act.intermud.c from strtok to str_tok.  (I added the new str_tok into
> > utils.c and put a prototype in utils.h for it.
> [code sample deleted]
> why not just #define it in/out of the system instead of changing all
> occurances of strtok()?  other os's besides netbsd could be added if
> needed in the future, otherwise use the standard lib functions.  for
> example:
> #if defined(NETBSD)
>   #if !defined(STR_TOK)
> [Some code snipped]
> no flame... just a thought.  why reinvent the wheel if the one you have
> already rolls straight?  but if your wheel is broken... :)
> Lauren

Actually, this weekend I hope to remove most, if not all, calls to strtok and 
replace them with a more efficient method.  Plus some general cleanup.

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