Re: Changing spells without consulting players

From: ks white (
Date: 05/08/96

On Wed, 8 May 1996, JRhone wrote:
> > This may be none of your concern but i'm just interested to find out what 
> > you all think about gods who go around changing spells and other code on 
> > players without notifying them... especially when these changes really 
> > stuff up the mud and get players really mad.

Well, I've known few imps who didnt advertise their new "features"
that they felt players would like, so at least you get to know a bit.

> two sides to this coin imho, one it really is up to the administration to 
> decide what they do to the mud, unless you're paying to play there, you 
> have little or no influence on the final decisions of the mud 
> administration, so pick a new mud or deal with it...:)

hear hear.

> now the other side is one which many people will agree with, players make 
> the mud, period.  if (!PLAYERS) {
> 		    mud = NULL;
> 		    crash();
> 		    burn();
> 		  }

I dunno...I've been developing a mud for about a year..and I'm afraid
opening will ruin my fun. -g-


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