Newbies vs. Those who tell you they know what they are doing.

From: Chris Anderson (
Date: 05/08/96

        Sorry bout the title, but I figgered it was a good way to get attention.

Maybe there could be two lists. But as long as there were still people here 
to explain some of the stuff. 

        But I will say this. I think the reason that you are seeing an 
up-rise in newbie questions is that the mud is becoming a more 
-straight-outta-de-box design.  It is becoming easier to add things in, 
because the code lets us just patch. And cut and paste. Remember even if you 
know C, you still might not know how things are handled in the MUD. What 
file is responsible for handling playerfiles? Who knows? there is no docs on 

        Now, I am not trying to take anything away from anybody, and what 
they know, should know and don't know, have done, should have done, are 
doing, should be doing, will be doing. But I think if you want to cut down 
the amount of newbie questions, then get the docs out, and lets maybe start 
adding things to the web site, like the FTP site, but make sure they are 
there, and that they more-or-less work, at least  for the Gamma release. 

things like, multi-level, multi-class, added races, all that kind of things.

Remember things ain't like they are in the old days. The easier you  make 
things to work, the dumber the questions that you are going to get. But it 
isn't stupid 
questions we are to worry about, but just dumb answers.

Maybe instead of splitting the lists, and creating an elitist class ( I 
dunno, I kinda like to see that the original coder posts his mail in the 
same group I do.) Maybe the FAQ should be worked on. Or finishing the rest 
of the docs.

Just my 2 cents


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